About Us: Project Gas Mask Entertainment

Mission Statement:

Project Gas Mask's Mission:

  • Project Gas Mask was originally founded by two siblings DJ Dathma and Susana (Suzie). Their mission is to put a smile on people's faces, bring people and communities together, and have people forget about the hardships of life whenever they rock the stage and their sets with their performances.
  • As Project Gas Mask grew, we grew our mission. Along with adding new members Adarely Baez, and Nathan Betita, we are a brand who desires to put smiles on people's faces through performance, our mission is to create a platform to help out anyone with whatever aspect of work they are involved.
  • Whether that would be Music, Entertainment, Art, Gaming, Fitness, Business, Content Creators, everyone is a project in their own respective manner.

PROJECT: Everyone is a Project in their own way. We are constantly working to progress their selves and/or their craft; a Project.

GAS MASK: Gas Mask symbolizes revolution and uprising. We believe we are pushing and doing something different within bringing communities and others together through others Art, whether that Art would be Music, Art, Gaming, Fitness, Business, we desire to start a revolution where all artists come together.

Project Gas Mask Entertainment is a group of collective inspiring Artist and Entrepreneur that desire to make their dreams into a reality. With this platform we are able to help them. 


Project Gas Mask is always looking for college students who are interested in partaking in internship opportunities within our brand. These internships may be absolutely used in your resumes. We are looking for students who are interested:

  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Business
  • Social Media Management
  • Journalism
  • Public Relations
  • Paralegal
  • Music Business
  • Music Management
  • Fashion Design

If interested in joining, please contact projectgasmaskent@gmail.com

and have the Subject line be "Internship Opportunities."

You can also send us a Direct Message on Social Media as well. Check out our "Social Media" tab for the social media options.