Dathma Road to the Breakaway Tour

Get ready for an electrifying experience as Dathma's Road to the Breakaway Tour hits the Bay Area, bringing an eclectic fusion of EDM styles that traverse music's light and dark sides. With events showcasing Dathma's versatility and mastery, the tour promises an unforgettable spectacle that caters to diverse musical tastes.
On the Lightside, Dathma crafts a mesmerizing ambiance with pulsating beats and infectious rhythms that define the essence of House, Tech House, Future House, and EDM. Audiences are in for an immersive journey, enveloped in uplifting melodies and euphoric vibes. Drawing from Hip Hop and Latin influences, Dathma infuses familiarity and cultural richness into the mix, ensuring a dance floor experience that's both infectious and unforgettable.
But that's not all - brace yourself for the Darkside, where Dathma ventures into the depths of intense, hard-hitting sounds that will set the stage on fire. Dubstep's abyssal drops, Hardstyle's relentless energy, Riddim's intricate beats, and the frenetic pace of Drum and Bass collide in a whirlwind of sonic thrills. Pushing boundaries, Dathma incorporates elements from diverse genres such as G House, Rock, and unexpected remixes from Hip Hop and Latin, creating a fusion that defies conventional categorization and delivers an adrenaline-pumping experience.
As the tour hits various Bay Area locations, each event promises a sonic odyssey that invites attendees to immerse themselves in the euphoric highs and intense depths of Dathma's musical universe. With each performance on this tour, Dathma invites the audience to explore the yin and yang of EDM, showcasing the dynamic spectrum of electronic music and leaving a lasting impression on all who dare to join this exhilarating musical journey.
Main Bar and Grill Suisun January 13
Main Bar and Grill Suisun January 27
Private Event San Leandro February 10
Main Bar and Grill Suisun February 16
Continental Club Oakland  February 18
Main Bar and Grill Suisun February 24
Private Event Vallejo April 20
TBA San Jose TBA
TBA San Francisco TBA
TBA Sacramento TBA
TBA Merced TBA